10 First Birthday Party Planning Tips To Help Keep Your Parenting Cool


Two weeks ago, I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off who had just ran into a glass door. It was Sophie’s 1st birthday, and no matter how much I thought I had planned ahead, there was SO much to be done the days leading up to the event. As I walked around the day of the party, the inspiration for this blog post hit: To help out fellow parents who may be party planning, here are 8 First Birthday Party Planning tips to help not lose your sanity (I think these tips apply for all ages btw):

  1. Write Things Down: It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a bite-sized or a larger celebration, mapping it all out is crucial. I created a spreadsheet that included guest count (broken down by adults and kids), quick access vendor info, budget details and more. Anytime something extra came to mind, I kept note of it.
  2. Plan Around Your Baby: You know their schedule the best. Making sure baby is well-rested and able to enjoy their own party should be your prime focus. If you’re lucky enough to have help the day of the event, rely on them to make sure baby is well-rested! For example, Sophie typically has a mid-day nap, I started her party at 3ish because I knew she’d be up by then and ready to enjoy her party
  3. Delegate Day-Of Duties: One thing I learned from Sophie’s birthday is that the hosts will have their hands full running around making sure thing go as planned. In hindsight, I would have hired a children’s DJ. Basically any large task you or your S/O thinks you can handle the day of, outsource. Way easier, and less headache.  It’ll be one less task you have to worry about with someone else handling it.
  4. Create an Agenda: Okay side note, pre-Husband times, I have no clue how I conducted life. This one is all him – we had a performer and husband said we needed to create an event agenda to stay on track. The agenda didn’t go exactly as planned (does it really ever?) when it was party time, but it helped create that overall structure we needed to keep running things smoothly.
  5. One Event At A Time: Focus on one large bday event at a time.
  6. Go Big or As Chill As You Want: No one should dictate what you should and shouldn’t do for your baby’s 1st birthday! In the mood for a small intimate cake smash, with a few close friends – hell yes do it. Want to rent out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (just me?)? Okay I see you – do it. This is your milestone to enjoy with your child!
  7. Let Them Help: Let me be clear, IF SOMEONE OFFERS TO HELP LET THEM. And if you decide to, opt for a coordinator. To create a stress-free event, appreciate the reliable and helpful hands of loved ones willing to help.
  8. No Pity Invites: Don’t invite people out of obligations. Not everyone deserves a seat at the table.
  9. Choose A Fun Theme: We chose Sesame Street (you need to see Sophie’s reaction to the songs in the show) and I ended up getting super into it. Choosing a fun theme lets you bring our your inner creative and creates such a fun, festive environment! My close friend just did a super cool Monster’s U party for her son – and the decor was amazing!
  10. Enjoy A Special Moment: Take a few moments out of the party to enjoy a dance or an experience with their baby. I mean your baby just turned 1 (or any age)! One of the sweetest moments of Sophie’s party was when my dear friend Kinde activated the bubble machine and I watched Sophie’s entire face light up in delight as she reached for the bubbles. I’ll never forget that moment (and thank god I bought that bubble machine off of amazon, here’s the link in case you want to buy😎).

Maybe it’s because I live so far away from many of my close friends or family, but I feel so incredibly extra, extra grateful for those who celebrated our little girl turning 1. And even though right after the party I decided I wasn’t throwing another event for a loooonnnng time, the stress was all worth it. Seeing my daughter celebrated by such kind family and friends, is something I will treasure. #SOGRATEFUL




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